Why Trinacria is the symbol of Sicily ?


In the Sicilian flag stands on display the symbol of a female head with three legs bent (triskelion) and moves directly from the leader. In heraldry this representation is called trinacria.

The head clearly refers to the Gorgons, monsters of Greek mythology to look monstrous, golden wings, claws hands with bronze boar tusks and snakes instead of hair. They were three and represented perversions: Euriale represented sexual perversion, Steno the moral perversion and Medusa (the most famous, the only mortal among the three and guardian of the Underworld) intellectual perversion.

In ancient times the name of Sicily was to Triquetra or Trinacria. This is because, unlike the classic round shape of all the other islands, Sicily has a strange geographical configuration. And 'characterized by three promontories, Pachino, Pelorus and Lilybaeum three vertices that almost instinctively recall the triangle. And it is probably in the Hellenistic period that the Greek culture, full of gods, demigods and mythological monsters, coined the symbol of the Gorgon with three legs attached directly to the head associating slowly to our land and the mysteries that enveloped her (if I remember correctly a time the end of the world with lots of columns of Hercules were much closer to Sicily than we can imagine today).

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