Places to visit in Nicolosi

The Mother Church of Nicolosi

The town of Nicolosi has a rich and colorful artistic and architectural heritage derived primarily religious. Nicolosi is strewn altars who remember the Mother Church Nicolosieventi linked to troubled relationship with the volcano. Among them, particular artistic present the "Three Altarelli" monument with three arches that depicts the image of the three patron saints of Nicolosi, built in the eighteenth century. where the lava eruption of 1766 came to a halt. Other Altarino very important is the one dedicated to St. Anthony the lava rising to remember the miraculous events linked to the eruption of 1886 when lava stopped just a few meters from the village at the point where the people nicolosito brought his patron saint, Sant'Antonio Abate, a short walk of the lava front. Finally, relief is also the Altar of St. Agatha, patron saint of Catania, which is the place where the Blessed Card. G. Dusmet led in the procession of the Holy Veil during the same eruption of 1886. Particular historical value presents' ancient monastery of St. Nicholas Arena, ancient seat abbey, around which developed first the village of Nicolosi, from which derives the name of the country; Today the monastery is home to the Etna Park.

 Along the streets of the city center you can see the beauty of the churches: in the main square of the village is the Mother Church, built on a design by Vaccarini in the first half of '700, after the catastrophic events of 1669 and 1693 had destroyed previous main church. A few steps from the main square you can admire the other churches of the country: the Church of SS. Maria delle Grazie, which houses the statues of Our Lady of Grace and Saint Anthony, patron of the country; the Church of St. Joseph from the simple beauty; the Church of St. Francis; the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Church of SS. Cosmas and Damian (or Church of the Souls of Purgatory).

Nicolosi is the Volcanological Museum of Etna which contains the remains of lava material from Dali Three Altarelli, Nicolosi volcano and provides a range of information on the genesis and the main types of activities that characterize the life of the volcano. Cultural heritage nicolosita also presents the House Museum of civilization, structure designed to preserve and pass on the traditions, the customs and traditions of the people of Etna.

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